Rooms with Shared Bath

(Located on the 2nd floor of the inn)

All occupancy rates are subject to change

$85 Room Rate Effective: July 1, 2017​

* State and local taxes may apply * Accommodations: 3 queen rooms, 1 twin room *

* There are 4 guest accommodations (2 with private baths) *

* Rates are based on double occupancy *

Uncle Harry's Room

This room has one queen bed and shares a bathroom with Aunt K’s Room. The bath has a tub/shower combination.



Uncle Harry was the third of the six children of Thomas Knox Dickerson and Martha Virginia Ellis Dickerson. Harry lived most of his adult life in Detroit and returned to Cave Spring later in life and lived in the house only briefly.

Uncle Harry’s room is decorated in rich blues, burgundy and cream. The room is appointed with collectible artifacts and carvings.



Price: $85 per night (including breakfast)

Aunt K's Room

There are two twin beds. Guests share a bath containing tub/shower combination with Uncle Harry’s Room.


Aunt K was next to the oldest child of Thomas Knox Dickerson and Martha Virginia Ellis Dickerson.

The room has a delightful light airy feel with beige, light green, and yellow floral design. There are two wing-backed chairs in the room. Between the beds is a dressing table with full mirror.


Price: $85 per night (including breakfast)

Uncle Harry's room

Shared Bathroom

Aunt K's Room